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NRTA Executive Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 5, 2013
4:00 PM
NRTA Office

Board of Education Meeting
Tuesday, March 5, 2013
North Rockland High School

Scholarship Application

North Rockland Teachers’
Association Scholarship Award

$1,000 each for deserving students
for higher education, in memory
of former North Rockland CSD faculty members

This scholarship is open to all members of the North Rockland High School Class of 2013.
A check will be issued upon receipt of a copy of a tuition bill in September.

***Your application and essay must be mailed to the NRTA office at the address below
and postmarked
no later than March 8, 2013.
No exceptions will be made.

Available Online Friday Afternoon
February 15, 2013
Click on the link above
to download your application!

It's What We Do.

NYSUT Would Like to Spread the Word of How You Helped Prepare for the Upcoming School Year. Click on the Picture Above to Share Your Story!

Unity Please! Act Now!  

I am happy to tell you our voice is being heard. Our Senator, David Carlucci voted against Senate bill (S. 3501-B), and in favor of our collective bargaining rights. Please go to the link below and thank him and give him your opinion on this State Budget.

Senator Carlucci

If you have never been an active union member, I am imploring you to pay attention now and join us in this fight. The Governor's budget is devastating. We support - and the majority of New York voters support - maintaining the tax on high-wage earners: the millionaires' tax. The Governor's budget is already causing real pain: Cite layoffs and program cuts in your own district or institution. This is not about adults and layoffs, but kids (preK-16), patients and programs. Some are using the budget deficit as an excuse to attack collective bargaining. Attacks on seniority, tenure, Triborough protections, our pensions, arbitration, health insurance, and so on are attacks on our collective bargaining rights. Those who attack our collective bargaining rights are using Governor Walker's playbook (WI). Everything we believe in and have fought so hard to achieve is on the table. SUNY and CUNY - our public higher education systems, including their community colleges - cannot bear any more cuts. Cuts affect access, affordability and programs. Higher education will lead us out of the economic crisis. The state must invest in higher ed. The time to act is now! No one can afford to sit this out. The Governor is working very hard to force an on-time budget in place on April 1st. Please go to the link below and make your voice heard. I encourage you to write an hand written letter to your legislators. You can get their addresses from the link below as well.

Legislative Contact

In Solidarity,
Robin Brennan

"Standing Committed"

Rockland County Teachers' Association

Introducing the Union Presidents of Rockland County!

Dispelling myths about public pensions in New York State
Public employee pensions are facing a wide range of attacks on many fronts. Unfortunately, these attacks are not based on a fact set that apply to the pensions earned by public employees in New York state.
Click on the presentation above to separate the facts from the myths!
Click here to read an article on how New York Pensions are working from the Times Union
Defined Benefit Pensions Work!

"Standing Committed"
Welcome to the
Official Webstie
of the
North Rockland
Teachers' Association

Phone: 845.942.0175
Fax: 845.786.0892
Robin Brennan, NRTA President

As you know each year the NRTA takes pride in giving twelve scholarships of $1,000 each to graduating seniors of North Rockland High School. This is yet another event that allows us to give back to the North Rockland community and our students. Congratulations to the following North Rockland Graduates!

Cristina Colon
College: SUNY Rockland
Teacher Honored: Ronald Moshi

Kimberly Fox
College: STAC
Teacher Honored: Michelet Zamor

College: RCC
Teacher Honored: Rose Guccione

Daniel Leibel
College: Ithaca
Teacher Honored: Scott Powers

Dibett Lopez
College: CCNY
Teacher Honored: Sydney Valerio

Kathleen Maltbie
College: Boston U
Teacher Honored: Denise Davey

Jenna Persico
College: Boston College
Teacher Honored: Christopher Pade

Danielle Piperato
College: York
Teacher Honored: Kathleen Mundt

Alexandra Raymond
College: U Buffalo
Teacher Honored: Onyx Peterson

Lee Schneider
College: Hobart/Wm. Smith
Teacher Honored: Peter Samoylo

Tyana Soto
College: FIT
Teacher Honored: Denise D’Andrea

Tinamarie Stolz
College: St. Rose
Teacher Honored: Peter McGovern

Please click on the photo to read more about this incredible event.

VIDEO: Speak Up, Speak Out

Inspirational leaders issue the call for convention delegates to
"Speak Up, Speak Out."
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View the Video

2009 RA Assembly